LeadsHunter Review by Fred Lam

Are you looking for an innovative dropshipping LEADS HUNTING COURSE that could help you to become a master of DROPSHIPPING  LEAD SYSTEM having the potential to generate thousands of dollars?

Unfortunately, most aspirants get even more confused being in the midst of the noise of wolves who call themselves ‘marketing gurus.’ They tell you complicated methods, give you complex tools and sheets to work upon, making the process even difficult to understand and harder to implement.

Among the galaxy of dropshipping courses available on the internet(most of them are designed just to drain the money from your bank account), some courses are worth considering.

One such course is LEADS HUNTER DROP SHIP LEADS SYSTEM, designed by Fred Lam, the owner of iPro Academy and CEO of many multi-million dollar companies. Fred has coached thousands of students around the world and continues to share his knowledge inside iPro Academy.

The goal of this review is to evaluate the LEAD HUNTER course by considering its PROS and CONS so that you can make an informed decision on whether the course worth spending your dollars on or not.

Leads Hunter Review

What is LeadsHunter?

The LEAD HUNTER course is designed to equip you with the arsenal required to conquer the #1 struggle i.e. the lead generation which every business certainly faces irrespective of its size, scale, domain, and prospects. The 7-week live coaching program includes both dropshipping and Lead generation training to learn how to get started by becoming a certified Lead Hunter and grow your business online exponentially.

No matter whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or someone with the possession of a large business who is willing to pay even $50 per lead. The lead hunter is a system that will guide you at every step to generate new leads and grow your business even without creating your website, developing your product, worrying about customer service, writing a single email to your email list, and without prior experience or knowledge!

This is a simple 3-steps system to build an exponentially-growing business! These steps are:

  1. Businesses pay you up to $50 per lead.
  2. Step #2: You create a Facebook Lead Ad using THEIR website.
  3. Step #3: The lead cost you $10 and you PROFIT $40!
Leads Hunter Spear Approach

What you will get in the Course

  • Full Training & Systems
  • 7-Week Live Coaching & Certification
  • 1-Year Free Access To LeadsTunnel Software
  • 7-Figure LeadsHunter Sales Deck
  • Certified LeadsHunter Directory
  • Membership of  Facebook Community
  • Licensed LeadsTunnel Agent
  • Done-For-You Campaign

Now let’s have a deeper look at the Pros and Cons of the course

What I Liked About the Course

1.)  The best thing about the course is that as soon as you will join the program, you’ll learn the A to Z methods and techniques to generate leads, finding clients, the proper and efficient way to design Facebook Ads, and access to the checklists to onboard major brands. The motive behind this is that Fred wants to enable you to earn a profit right from the first week if you follow the exact steps as instructed. The most crucial fact about the training is that it’s result driven and simple that even a child can follow this step-by-step process quite easily.

2.)  Are you tired of one-way boring videos that have no place to clear your doubts? Keeping this problem in focus Fred has decided to give you 7 weeks live coaching with him wherein he’ll train you to break through all the barriers and difficulties which you would encounter during your journey, as well as clear your doubts. Secondly, you’ll have a chance to become a certified LEAD HUNTER and become a part of a global movement. After passing the certification test, you will be designated the title as a Certified Leads Hunter then be listed in iPros Leads Hunter Directory so that you can potentially get hired by businesses who are looking for lead generation service.

3.)  If you consider yourself a weak closer and do not have the confidence to close a deal. After becoming a certified Lead Hunter, you’ll get access to a copy of the psychological, sales-driven Sales deck which we’ll help you to close like a Pro almost any business even when you aren’t a Pro closer to sealing the deal. Freed will guide you to walk through the step-by-step process to generate $40 per lead.

4.) You’ll be amazed to know that iPro Academy will advertise you with their own money to the directory and put their name behind your back to help you to get clients. Fred is not hiding anything from you and promises to provide you with the secret list of 250 businesses that are willing to pay you thousands of dollars in exchange for the help that you will deliver to them. This will increase both of your reliability and probability to get more clients.

5.) Another major advantage of this course is that you can join the Global Community of LEAD HUNTERS which acts like a family. So you can seek help from the community instantly to find the solutions to the problem which you may face while working.

6.) Who doesn’t like an extra income? I’m sure you love it too! What if you can earn it for a lifetime? This would be amazing, isn’t it? Using  Leads Tunnel is significant if you want to get the Hottest Leads for your clients, they must use Leads Tunnel to automate the process. The good news is, you’ll get a referral link that you can use to get your clients into Leads Tunnel and earn a commission as long as they will continue to use it. Hence, you’ll earn an extra income as commission each time when your client will pay to iPro.

7.) The last thing what I like is that Fred will soak all your grunt of designing your first Facebook ad campaign for your clients. I ain’t kidding you! All you need is to bring the client and Fred will handle your first Facebook ads campaign. So you’ll be at ease and Fred will do ONE DONE-FOR-YOU campaign to provide you with the INSANE results and opportunity to generate more and more profit. But remember, it’s based on first-come, first-serve so you need to be hurry if you want to set yourself apart from the rest.

Leadshunter Limited Space Available

What I Didn’t Like About The Course

1.) First thing is that it is expensive, costs $1997. In other words, this course is not everyone’s cup of tea. You should buy this course only if you have a real desire and passion to be an advanced LEAD HUNTER and DROPSHIPPER but if you just want to experiment or give a try, excuse me this isn’t for you.

2.) Secondly, it requires persistent efforts and dedication. You need to be focussed and get out of your comfort zone. It’s not a “Talisman” that you will use and get the success you will have to work by paying attention to the steps and follow them exactly as instructed if you want to grow yourself speedily

3.) You should also have some amount of further investment. If want to grow you must have to invest in running Facebook Ads so you must have some savings to continue with this course. Hence, this again makes the course specifically for those who are passionate about growing business online and ready to invest and not for those who cannot afford regular investments.

About Fred Lam

Fred Lam Founder of Leadshunter
Fred Lam Founder of Leadshunter

Fred Lam is the owner of iPro Academy and CEO of many multi-million dollars companies. He began his journey as a dishwasher. Tuition, he ventured into online business and quickly became a renowned media buyer. Having the first-hand experience of poverty Fred made his objective to help others to get out of poverty by coaching and educating them on how to grow business online. In today’s date, Fred has thousands of students around the globe who are applying the methods and techniques learned by Fred in their respective domains. Currently, Fred is focusing on his iPro academy and bringing revolutionary courses to empower the aspirants with the proven methods, education and digital automation.

LeadsHunter Review by Fred Lam
LeadsHunter Review

Product Name: LeadsHunter

Product Description: The LeadsHunter program is for people who want to master the new Dropship Lead System which is capable of generating 6 Figures & More.

Price: 1997

Currency: USD

Availability: LimitedAvailability

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